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Choosing law as a potential career is really interesting but also takes up a lot of effort because only the best of National Law Schools in India can yield the immense knowledge and opportunities or exposure that exist in the field. And in order to get that exposure for you, it is important to understand and work towards achieving desirable results in the law entrance examinations of CLAT and AILET.

Questions like ‘How do I attempt CLAT?’ or ‘Do I have enough to score well at AILET?’ may cross your mind frequently, especially when the time for both the examinations is pretty less. My advice is to stop thinking of these questions – as these are only stumbling blocks in your preparation for the exams. Only when you park these questions aside and keep focus on the preparation bit of the exam can you come out as an actual contender.

The most frequently heard myth is that only if you join a coaching centre or start preparations in Grade 11 or at the beginning of Grade 12 do you stand a real chance at clearing the exams. I started preparation only in the latter half of Grade 12 (during pre-boards) and I think that is sufficient enough to prepare one to give a good fight for a seat in one of the prestigious National Law Schools of the country.

It is genuinely important to have a clear aim in mind – that is to give in your 100% and join in a coaching institute as well, if need be. Focus on your goal – that is to get to a particular National Law School or their preferred college. Tell yourself about your aim to be there! because it is important.


There are times when you would feel dejected looking at your mock test scores or practice tests, and there may be times when you would feel you are missing out a lot at school because of the preparation of law entrances; it is exactly then that you take a deep breath and remember what your aim was.

Only when you have desperation for what you want to achieve that you actually make rapid strides in that direction. Every small step in that direction counts and therefore do understand that you ought to keep your morale high even when you are under a lot of pressure that is going to be thrust upon by the examinations of school.

There are times when you would have to make the tough choice of compromising on either your Board exam preparation or law school entrance tests, what would you choose then? This is precisely when the question of priority comes in and it would definitely vary for all of us based on our preferences, situations, moods, family support and aptitude.

My suggestion is not to let such a situation come your way; school academics and law entrance preparation can go hand-in-hand (contrary to the prevalent notion). I focused with all my heart on law entrance examinations preparation in the months of December-January primarily and managing to barely keep up with the course at school as well.

Howsoever cliché it may sound, every aspiring National Law School student must be serious about time at this necessary juncture. It may be during the mock test or preparation or day-to-day affairs, working within a specified time limit is of utmost importance and ought to be held in high esteem. AILET or CLAT are law entrances where time is a make-or-break factor; you cannot afford to take more than the required time at every section of the paper. Try practising completing every section within the given target time. For starters, completing a Legal section in 40 minutes is good enough but with time, completing it within 25 minutes is key to a successful paper. Giving sufficient time to the law preparation of different sections is also of great importance; and what is more important is the review or revision of the studies done on that particular day. A thorough reading of your Legal Knowledge notes or practice of Math concepts in a day would never take more than an hour of your time and can be easily done without much ado.

As soon as you start with a mock series, you would automatically be able to analyse your weakest section/part of the paper where you would have either attempted a lesser number of questions or would have gotten a lot of questions wrong or even taken a lot more time than necessary. Therefore, it is important to focus on the law preparation with a clear intent of strengthening your weaker areas of the paper to turn them into your strengths. And the best way to do so is definitely by practise.

Strengthening your bond with your mentors has huge advantages that you ought to experience, only by staying dedicated to your goal of getting into the prestigious law schools and taking strides towards the same.

My final advice to all law aspirants is to stay focused towards their goal, start preparing for entrances with sincerity, have a lot of fun to stay relaxed, stay tuned to MyLaw.Net and develop that sense of anxiousness to learn every day. Thanks!

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  • i was really feeling very depressed thinking about my scores in my mocks and even more stressed while i had just compared my mock scores with one of my friend who is enrolled with those test series in which the mocks level is really tough and on the other hand there is me who didn’t scored well lower than him . i am a dropper and i am not taking any coaching . again i started comparing myself with other’s that they are going to some prestigious centres and i am preparing by my own without any mentor. without any cc. and then a mail from this website flashed on my mail box oh god!thanks thanks alot . thank you soo much for making me believe that yes i can and i know this now.

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