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5 things about the CLAT 2018 you probably didn’t know!

If you are a law school aspirant, then you’ve probably already come across at least a dozen websites, coaching classes, books, test series and what have you, claiming to prepare you for the CLAT & other law entrance tests. Almost all of them claim to be either India’s best, India’s number 1 (or some other version of that superlative) or a ‘One-stop shop for all your CLAT needs’. We aren’t any of those! But before we go ahead and tell you who we are, here’s what you need to understand about the CLAT (and we’ll use the term ‘CLAT’ loosely to represent all law entrance tests, mostly because it is the ‘big daddy of all law entrance test’).

5-Things-Image-01First and foremost, the CLAT is not the be-all-and-end-all of your Life. No matter how important it is for you to get to the NLS, it ain’t a matter of life and death. No, sir/ma’am, it isn’t! Of course, it is an important event in your life but don’t make it a very big deal.

Secondly, the CLAT isn’t a test of either your intellect or your knowledge. Don’t believe it, eh? We have 50 days to change your opinion. It’s definitely a test of ‘something’, otherwise why else would they call it a test, but it isn’t of your knowledge. It’s this ‘something’ that we’ll talk about for the next 50 days.

Thirdly, cracking the CLAT doesn’t require you to slog your ‘derrière’ for 12 hours a day, especially the way you did (or still are) for your class XII board examinations – that doesn’t mean, you don’t have to work hard (or work smart). You’ll need to do both.

Fourthly, the CLAT is not the end but a means to an end. Use the next 50 days to expand your horizons, to widen your perspective on things & not merely mug up time-distance-speed formulae, or archaic facts. If you don’t enjoy this journey, we can assure you won’t be motivated to put in your heart (or mind into it). CLAT is a great way to start looking forward to & visualising your life in law school (and maybe even after).


Lastly and most importantly, YOU CAN CRACK THE CLAT. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are. Whether you have been preparing for CLAT for 12 months or just found out about it yesterday. YOU CAN CRACK THE CLAT – and so can any of the many thousands writing the CLAT on May 14, 2017. But today, you have an equal chance as anyone else. The next 50 days will determine, how those odds & chances change. Repeat after me “I CAN CRACK THE CLAT“. Say it. Louder. I know, it sounds stupid, but do it. Trust me. In fact, repeat this 20 times daily (preferably when you are alone, else people will think you’ve gone nuts). Upload your audio file or add a comment in the comments section below – I’m serious, I want to hear you say it.


Coming back to us – does it even matter? You probably want to know, whether you can trust our advice and this isn’t just an experiment and you aren’t a subject/lab rat. is a online learning platform focussed on the law. The people behind are mostly graduates from India’s top law schools (NLSIU mostly), who probably know a thing or two about cracking law entrance exams (and some none-NLS guys who have cracked every standardised test you can imagine). We have worked with law schools & law students across the country on re-imagining how legal education is delivered. It is this re-imagination that we want to bring to the CLAT aspirants. We believe that it’s time that you reframe the problem statement that the CLAT is and change your perspective (and the methods too).

Finally, how is this blog different? It’s different because it isn’t striving to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anything. It is different because we aren’t going to overload you with thousands of practice questions and generalised learning materials. We realise that most of you already have access to a ton of preparatory materials, but what you probably lack is the strategy, the planning and the non-tangible aspects of this preparation. And that’s what we’ll work with you on.

So are you game? Keep an eye out for this blog for the next 57 days (only if you find it useful, else we don’t want to contribute to the chaos in your head) and let’s have some fun on the way.

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