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Top 500 Legal GK & Current Affairs Questions for CLAT 2017

With 3 weeks to go, we suggest you laser focus on GK. Why GK, because that is the only section where an exact question from your preparatory materials can come in the actual CLAT- and it is for this very reason that we have created a list of 500 most important GK & Legal Knowledge questions for CLAT 2017.

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It won’t take you more than a few days to go through this list – our recommendation is not to cram this list (well however much we say it, you will end up cramming) but instead read through each question – take a minute to understand the concept and visualize it.

Understanding the connection and having an image in your head is very important. Even if you don’t remember all 500 Qs, you will retain a significant amount – who knows luck might favour you and a bunch of questions come from this list.

Suggest you go through it over the next few days and not leave it for last few days.

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