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Think you know CLAT 2017 cut-offs? You know nothing, Jon Snow!


This is the simple truth & I have dedicated an entire post explaining with facts and logic on how all these predictions are nothing but speculations (click here if you haven’t read it already). You are better off waiting for the official CLAT ranks & cut-offs and know with certainty and then plan your best course of action. Planning any next steps based on just your scores & some quack’s word is stupid. I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling when you predicted what will happen in the next season of GoTR and then had the egg on your face because the writers decided to change the script! Don’t let that happen to you with CLAT results. Shut up & wait!

Of course, it’s easy for us to give you a number (and to be honest we don’t have anything to lose) but it’ll set you off on a wrong path – and I don’t mean just for the CLAT but for the rest of your life. Learning to be patient (and having a buls*&t detector) is a trait you need to develop, if you want to be successful in life.

Remember in life, & especially for a lawyer, most questions don’t have a straight-forward or a quick answer and sometime it’s ok to not know (in fact not knowing can sometimes help you come back from the dead).

Stay calm – it’s a skill that distinguishes the Tyrion Lannisters from Theon Greyjoys (and the Virat Kohlis from the Shikhar Dhawans). Don’t be a Theon!

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