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Did you hear the breaking news? The West Indian team has pulled out of the World Cup finals because of a conflict with their cricket board and now India will be playing the world cup finals against England. Yay!

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Nah! Just kidding (after all it’s April Fool’s day – sorry for the crude joke). But here is something to make you smile (or I’m hoping you smile). A free mock test! A lot of you wrote back to us saying you didn’t have access to a mock test – so here you go. Fill up this form & we will email you a CLAT Mock Test asap.

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Before you jump at it, here is what you need to do:

First, read this post if you haven’t already –

Second, fill the form above & we’ll email you the test & a blank answer sheet. Send us your answer sheet back and we will give your scores as well as a chance to get a personalised plan for the next 40 days.


There is a whole host of surprises and useful stuff that we’ll be posting on this blog starting today (I promise fewer gyan/pop-psychology stuff & more actual things to do) so make sure you are following the blog & have subscribed for email updates (look on the left column).


You keep your part & we will keep ours to ensure you give your best shot for the CLAT. It’s a deal!

Let’s shake hands on it.


Kunal from the Team

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