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Sensational True Case Behind Rustom (2016)

The Akshay Kumar-starrer Rustom is based on the story of K.M. Nanavati’s trial. K.M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra had all the elements of a thrilling potboiler but it involved real people and events.

The cast of the actual case became more famous than movie stars – not just K.M. Nanavati, Sylvia Nanavati, and Prem Ahuja, who were involved in the actual incidents, but even those involved in the subsequent trials, including Y.V Chandrachud, Karl Khandalavala, and Ram Jethmalani. Moreover, the case became forever etched in the legal history of India as the last jury trial held in the country.

With Senior Advocate Sanjay Hegde and legal historian Kalyani Ramnath we looked back at the most famous jury trial in India, why it is still relevant today, whether it really was the last jury trial in India, and whether they should be brought back.

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