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CLAT & AILET 2018: Super six guidelines for writing a Mock Test!

Now that we have started the Mock Tests; in this post I want to explain the importance of mock tests & how to use them correctly.

There are two parts to a mock test – the test itself (i.e. writing the test) and the analysis. I usually put more emphasis on the analysis for the first few mocks that you write. The test itself is only important insofar that the more tests you write, the more likely you are to develop muscle memory for this test taking process.

I’ll leave the actual test taking process for a later post and put down some guidelines that you must follow while writing the test:

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1 – Respect the Mock, which essentially means treat the Mock test like an actual test. Sit down in a quiet place, keep all distractions away (phone, facebook, parents, friends, more than friends). Imagine yourself at the test venue.

2. You can’t take breaks or write the test in parts (i.e. write half the test in one go & the other in another).Remember, what I said earlier the mock is greater than the sum of its parts. Don’t treat the mock as merely a combination of practice exercises/questions on 5 subjects/sections.

3. Take the test on your computer (but mute or close all other windows such as Facebook, Google etc.) so that you develop the habit of reading on a computer screen & not using too much paper to do the calculation etc. Mark/capture your answers on an excel sheet (use this if you’d like. Downwload this file – BlankAnswerSheet). For this reason all our mocks will be in PDF format that you can download and take on your computer (don’t print them).


4. Time yourself – keep a wrist watch/stopwatch next to you. Don’t even look at your phone. Abide by the prescribed timing very seriously (2 hours means two hours & not even two hours 15 seconds). You won’t get any extra time in the actual test so get used to it.

5. Don’t cheat – you’d be pretty stupid to cheat on a mock test. Firstly, other than a false sense of achievement, you don’t get anything. In fact it probably causes you more harm than anything else – there is no surer way of succumbing to a disease than misdiagnosing it and cheating on the mock test makes you misdiagnose your preparedness.

6. Don’t try flukes & blind guesses in the mock – for the same reasons as above. It makes you misdiagnose. Remember, I am not stopping you from taking intelligent guesses. If for e.g. you can eliminate two options and want to take a chance on any of the remaining options – do it. That’s smart! In fact that’s one of the most important skill to develop in the next few weeks & there is no better way to develop it than practice it. But, blind guessing – well let’s leave that for the last moment ( I’ll dedicate an entire post in the week before the CLAT on the art of blind guessing – but trust me you don’t need to practice it at this moment).

Tomorrow, I’ll write about the second part of the mock test process – the more important part i.e. analysing the mock. The secret to a great player like Virat Kohli (and the reason for some of the other players in the team doing so well) isn’t just the hours of practice they put it (even cricketers from the previous generation spent hours in the nets) but it’s the analysis of that practice (how they got out, where are they scoring runs, which types of balls are troubling them etc.) that’s probably the single biggest reason why the current generation of cricketers across the world have taken the game to the next level. It’s this analysis that can help you crack the CLAT in the next 40 days (nothing else will improve your score as much as this). More on it tomorrow!

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