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CLAT 2018 Results: Your best course of action, whether you got your dream law school or not!

The CLAT seems to continue to hold questions & mysteries and a lot of you still are clueless with what to expect & what your fate hold in store for you. Again, I can’t predict (the variables are too complex – who will drop out of admission, who will take admissions, the preference lists, the category ranks etc.)

Check Your CLAT 2018 Results:

For Most Accurate CLAT predictions:

Get Ready for Law School :

All I can say is: Welcome to adulthood! There are no easy answers, no straight paths. Here’s an attempt to give you some clarity in these days of prolonged uncertainty.


Most of you must be eagerly waiting to join a law school soon. But are you ready to start law school? What is the best way to prepare for law school? What should you be doing before you walk into law school to make yourself the most competitive law student and most importantly succeed in law school?
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If you took the CLAT, there can be 3-4 categories that you’d fit in, here is my take (in a video) to address what can be the best course of action for the category you find yourself in:

Remember,  about 51,000 people wrote the test and only about 3000 can qualify for NLUs or the top private law schools (Symbiosis etc included). So, if you don’t find yourself in a NLU, you have approx 37,000 people to give you company.

  1. Did not get into an NLU, did not get into a top private law school. 
  2. Got into a new NLU or a top private law school, but not the top 5 NLUs. 
  3. Got into a top NLU but not the one I wanted.
  4. Got into the NLU, I wanted – you guys can make your own video 🙂


As always, don’t run pillar to post seeking advice from so called CLAT Gurus, use your brain, research about the various options, gather as much data & information about the possible choices you have (be it private law schools, newer NLUs or alternate career options such as BBA, Delhi University). Remember, in the end it is your life and the decision you take is going to impact you & only you (not your parent, definitely not some self-anointed CLAT expert & not even me). As I said, part of growing up is taking your decisions, accepting your errors, bearing the consequences & learning from your own mistakes.

And no matter what you choose, there is a large team of people at myLaw (who have studied at the top NLUs, Private law schools, studies abroad, worked at the top law firms) to guide & mentor you to become the best lawyer you can be at the end of 5 years (irrespective of which law school you went to). And we take our promises very seriously! 

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