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Blind guessing strategy

Quick clarification :

The last post,  as the name suggested, outlined a desperate or worst case strategy not the best case strategy – you need to weigh the benefits and the costs while writing this test based on how you feel what you chances are – be objective, don’t take an emotional or paranoid decision. Ask yourself if without attempting all the questions you are left with (and you won’t be able to attempt), would you be able to crack the test. If the answer is yes, don’t go for the blind guesses. If the answer is NO. GO FOR IT!


Also, if you are blind guessing, don’t make a pattern (abcdabdc…), instead stick to one alphabet – any one and Mark all of them the same option. Logic – there is an equal probability of each alphabet – when examiners set the exam paper, they try to put the right answers equally across the 4 options (they won’t put all right answers in a’s or b’s). If you mark any one alphabet – there’s a safer chance that you’ll atleast get 1/4th of the flukes.


Again, caveat this is a strategy you need to decide,, it’s your call at the end of it, depending on how the test is going! Warning – if you have attempted – 170± questions on your ability, without much guessing, don’t get greedy.

Lastly, this strategy works best when you have a bunch of questions left together (eg 170 to 200) and not when questions are spread across (eg Q 29, 59, 95, 120, 145…you get the drift).

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