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Are You Law School Ready?

The CLAT results are out and most of you will join a law school soon. But are you ready to start law school? What is the best way to prepare for law school? What should you be doing before you walk into law school to make yourself the most competitive law student and most importantly succeed in law school?

If you are not ready for law school and don’t know how to, don’t worry! You still have time and we are here to help you prepare for the first few months (and possibly years) in law school and be ahead of your peers. Just subscribe and follow this blog (Check ‘Get Updates’ section on the footer or on the right sidebar of this page). We will be posting links to interesting and informative articles and videos related to law and law school.

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1. Legends in Law: Watch some of the famous lawyers in India like Ram Jethmalani, Soli Sorabjee & Harish Salve speak about their experiences and opinions.

2. Famous Law Cases: Under this section, we will brief you about some sensational & landmark legal cases like Nanavati Trial & Mathura Rape Case that brought that made way for new laws in India

3. Essentials for Law Aspirant: This is all you need to know about law school – what to do, what not to do & how to navigate through the first year at law school. Trust us when we say you won’t get this information anywhere else.

4. Law in Our Lives: Law is all over. Law is everywhere. Law is an enduring presence in our lives. Here, we will let you know about some issues of legal & social importance in India.

Oh, and don’t worry we’ll make it fun and interesting for you.

Make sure you go through this content for a month without fail and we promise, you will be the most prepared student in your class on the first day of law school.

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Start with reading these

  1. Sensational True Case behind Rustom(2016) – The Last Jury Trial held in the Country
  2. The Truth Behind Udta Punjab – Understanding the NDPS Act
  3. Famous Law Cases – Mathura Rape case
  4. Learn to Read a Case File – Top Skill for a Career in Litigation
  5. Legends in Law – Learn from the best lawyers in the country

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