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Analysis of the Live Mock Test – conducted on 24th April at 3 pm

Spoiler alert – if you weren’t able to take the live mock clat, we suggest you don’t read the analysis and instead register to get another chance to write the Online Mock Test (not applicable for those who have already taken the test) –


The pattern of the paper was based on the various elements tested by the CLAT from 2008 to 2015. Please note this was not a prediction of what the CLAT 2016 pattern would be (suggest you stop guessing or falling for so-called CLAT experts who claim to know or be able to accurately predict the CLAT). The benchmark was the previous year CLAT papers with some experimentation (within reasonable limits) done in view of the boundaries created by the announced CLAT pattern.

Executive Summary

This was a Live Online and was supposed to be a Dress Rehearsal/a dry run of what the CLAT would be like. The questions were a mix of easy, moderately difficult and some difficult questions. Some of the questions may have seemed very difficult – the idea was to expose you to all kinds of questions, be it in Maths or some hard to know info in Legal Knowledge & General Knowledge. Some of the Legal reasoning questions may have seemed too long and difficult – all this and more has probably kept you guessing and wondering how much are we expected to know. The idea of this mock wasn’t to scare you or get you in a fix or to make run for your books (well partially) but was to show you that without even knowing blinders you could have scored a 135-140, which is not a bad score by any standards, and to help you believe that with a little bit of smart play you can crack the toughest of the papers.

However, this test was, by no standards, extraordinarily difficult or too lengthy. Honestly, this was quite a real paper. Let us look at a surface level analysis of the test paper.


Section No of Questions Total Marks Time required Expected Score
English 40 40 20 32+
General knowledge 50 50 15 30+
Legal Aptitude 50 50 40 35+
Logical Reasoning 40 40 25-30 28+
Mathematical Ability 20 20 15 10+
Total Marks 200 200 2 hr 135+

A score of 140 wouldn’t have looked a distant possibility; on the contrary (though given that I am writing this even before anyone of you would have attempted the test and so it’s a little early to say,) the top 100 CLAT ranks should have scored well above 150 in this test.


Section-wise break-up


Section I: English

Easy Moderate Difficult Time Required
22 10 8

Like a typical CLAT paper, the English section of this mock had the usual the Vocabulary based questions, an RC passage. Questions of completing the sentence as well as choosing the right expression would have been fairly easy as most questions were straight forward and could have been solved under 20 seconds. The vocabulary question may had you scratching your head & may have been a little difficult for an average student. The questions on filling in the articles were again very straight forward. Reading comprehension would have been the most time consuming of the lot, but by now I am sure you have devised your own methods of dealing with reading long passages and answering questions (skim through the passage once, understand the broad idea, then read the questions).


A score of 35 wasn’t too difficult to achieve, a 30+ should have been your goal. Overall you shouldn’t have spent more than 20 minutes on this section.

Section II: General Knowledge

Easy Moderate Difficult
25 13 12

This section tested your knowledge on both, static and current GK, with a larger component of the questions coming from current affairs. Overall, the sections had some moderately difficult questions, which though not difficult to crack, would have put into a fix. Some of the questions were a little tricky this time and would have required you to have specific knowledge about the same. 

You should have been able to score 30+ (with some intelligent guessing). The best thing about GK is that you can complete the entire section in less than 15 minutes.

Legal Knowledge (in GK section)

Legal knowledge in this test was again not as difficult and outlandish and CLAT examiners expect you to know some basic information about laws, which have been in the public arena

Section III: Legal Awareness and Aptitude

Easy Moderate Difficult
24 15 11

Most questions were from torts and criminal law and required basic reasoning abilities and nothing more. Though questions with multiple conditions may have been termed as tough, but the overall difficulty of Legal reasoning wasn’t beyond the actual CLAT pattern and definitely below some of the other Mocks created by us. Overall, considering that there were a few easy picks and most of them required reasoning ability more than in-depth knowledge of the principal, a score of 35+ wouldn’t have been a ‘big ask’.

A score of 40 wasn’t too difficult to achieve, a 35+ should have been your goal. Overall you shouldn’t have spent more than 40 minutes on this section.



Section IV: Logical Reasoning

Easy Moderate Difficult
20 13 7 

Again the Logical Reasoning section had a few Analytical reasoning questions scattered , as we expect this year’s CLAT to have a few AR questions. The section was relatively easy, and other than a few tricky analytical sets, which could have ended up consuming some time, a score of 30 – 35 shouldn’t have been difficult to get. Also with most CR questions, being barely ambiguous, all that was required was a thorough reading of the questions. In AR too this test didn’t have any peculiarly difficult questions which couldn’t have been solved

An average score of 28+ is recommended – with 33+ being a very good score. Overall you shouldn’t have spent more than 25 minutes on this section.

Section V: Maths

Easy Moderate Difficult
11 6 3

The Maths section of this Mock was moderately difficult. One could have picked up the easy questions and then attacked them, though there were a few difficult questions scattered across the section, with each question for 1 marks all that you had to do was solve 12-15 questions and you could have easily managed a score of 12+. Some of the questions were extremely difficult. Such questions are better left alone.

Caveat: Don’t waste too much time on a difficult maths question as it may keep you entangled for 3-4 min., and at the end of it you may get it wrong, even if you do get it right, it is foolish to spend 4 minutes to earn 1 mark, where as in the same time you could have attempted 15-20 GK questions (15-20 marks).

An average score of 12+ is recommended – with 15+ being a very good score. Overall you shouldn’t have spent more than 15 minutes on this section.


Overall, I wouldn’t say the test was difficult and barely tested your conceptual knowledge. I agree the anxiety levels for this mock would have been relatively more than what they were for the previous few mocks, especially with the pressure of doing well in a test called pre-CLAT where you could can compare your performance at a National level and may have adversely affected your scores, a hint about how much damage can extra pressure cause.

The benchmark was the previous year NLS papers within reasonable limits of experimentation done in view of the boundaries created by the announced CLAT pattern.

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