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Last Year’s Toppers talk about cracking the CLAT & AILET 2018

So we are getting closer to the big daddy of law entrance tests. The AILET is almost around the corner and the CLAT is not too far behind.

For the past few weeks, we have been giving you advice and gyan on what we believe is the most critical things you need to crack the top law entrance tests – however sometimes when you repeat something too often it becomes white noise – so here’s what we did. We got some of the students who cracked the AILET (and did well in CLAT too) to tell us what worked for them and what should one do in the last few days to crack AILET & CLAT.



Don’t believe our advice, then hear it from the horse’s mouth. This is a 7 part series where some of the NLU-Delhi 1st & 2nd year students debunk some of the myths around cracking AILET & CLAT and also give you a no-nonsense approach to success in law entrance tests.

Watch the video series here:

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